The Dirty Dozen Gets Ironic

I was plugging away at social media yesterday morning when my braggadocio delivered a swift kick in the nuts.

I should have waited about 20 more minutes before posting, because while doing this very exercise at the end of my routine, my form crumbled and my back gave out.

….If only I’d stuck with the extra V-ups…..

[P.S. don’t be fooled by my lack of coordination, you really should give the Dirty Dozen a try if you want to stay one step ahead of running injuries!]

John had to drive me home from the gym, and he wondered incredulously why I would post that photo despite actually obtaining an injury from doing it. Yes, the insultingly ironic irony did not go unnoticed, and it’s almost hilarous…. except that now I’m stuck dealing with a totally lame, not-really-running-related-but-it-is-running-related injury.

A simple moment captured during happier times.

A simple moment captured during fully-functioning times.

I called up work and the Laramie Spine & Injury Clinic immediately. Work said don’t come in and the chiropractor said please do!  *High five!*

Takeaways from the session:

  1. I most likely probably hopefully didn’t herniate or blow anything. I have to treat this like an injury for a week or two anyway, even if I walk into my next appointment feeling great.
  2. Don’t do yoga, stretch, or run for a few days, and definitely don’t do the 6-mile progressive tempo scheduled for Tues. [sad face]

When I arrived at home I embarked on my exercises. That is, lying on my back with my legs up at 90-degrees.

Who said exercise isn't fun?

Who said exercise isn’t fun? (Photo: NOT taken with an iPhone 6)

Every 45-60 minutes I got up, did some rounds of cat/camel, got out the foam roller, and took a walk around the block before repeating the whole cycle.

Not bored at all...

Not bored at all…

By the 3rd or 4th walk, things were starting to feel looser. Today, I could imagine myself aqua jogging. I really could. I’m going to stick with the *whimsically optimistic* mind frame that when I wake up tomorrow I for my follow-up session I will feel kick-ass and get cleared to run by the weekend. That is the timeframe we are dealing with. Ibuprofen is my friend and so is this beast.

The best foam roller I have ever used. Pinky swear!

The best foam roller I have ever used. Pinky swear!

This is a total bummer for obvious reasons, but to further add insult to injury I just took 2ish weeks off after the “half marathon” and the last thing I want is more time off because I was looking forward to moving on with training. Oh well… as I repeat to myself often: One step back now is better than three weeks off… or whatever. Monday’s malfunction just feels totally idiotic. Way to go, hot-shot! 

Over the weekend I ran a tiny local 10k for a social justice charity. The previous night, I stayed at work much later than I was anticipating, so I was undeniably tired when I showed up to run at 8am. Still having no idea what to expect of an “all-out” 10k in Laradise [yes, the 7000+ ft of altitude you can enjoy here will NEVER stop being an excuse for mediocrity], I deferred to a scaled-back plan where if Mile 1 felt shitty I would default to a fartlek workout.

And it played out better that way, I think. Mile 1 was OK but in all honesty I don’t think I was ready, on that day, to hold it. So I tempo’ed the first 10 minutes at that pace, then ran 1 min on/1 min off intervals until I hit the last mile and promptly tempo’ed to the finish.

It was sweltering. And despite feeling like I was flat-out shuffling during my minutes off, I averaged 6:49 for the whole event and finished first on the women’s side. I was pleased and looking forward to my next workout so, seriously, if I had the ROM I would be kicking myself so hard right now.


My first state championship which I utterly STOLE from a 24-person field.

I’ll be playing it day-by-day until this snafu clears up. A loss is a loss but maybe I can fit in my tempo run this weekend and never look back. Fortunately I have almost no work this week, which leaves plenty of time for bed rest.

Lesson learned: don’t get cocky.


One thought on “The Dirty Dozen Gets Ironic

  1. I hope you feel better soon! Congrats on the 10k, you are amazing! I love how you totally snagged a win! The dirty dozen is definitely something to behold. The first time I ever did it I literally died. Like true death on my living room floor!

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